Thursday, October 4, 2012

My body hates me

       So I'm 4 days post-Mirena self removal. Monday started the lovely crimson wave. I figured it would come but man, it sucked. I mean it only was for 2 days, but i think it was my body's way of saying "F- you...stop fucking with me!" I was actually deciding if I should call the family planning office to tell them what I did and get some normal ole birth control pills, but I think I'll wait before messing around with my body again. In my "youngin days" I took ortho tri cyclen lo for 4 years without a glitch but that was also before kids...and hormone changes...and sleepless nights. Maybe I'll wait. Plus, I'm afraid if I call them to tell them what I did they'll freak out on me telling me what kind of damage I might have done. Which makes no sense because they do the same exact thing to remove it...except I'd have to fork over a hefty few hundred dollars for them to do it. Yeah, family planning covers the cost of insertion, but to remove that devil horned'll cost you. Like I said, it's been 4 days and I'm not in any pain so I'm going with the assumption that I didn't rip my cervix apart.

       Now we're in October, that puts us at 3 months until the big move! I haven't started packing but I need to get on that. I just don't even know where to start. Plus I need boxes so nothing is getting done until I have those anyway. A friend of mine's husband should be able to get some so tomorrow during our playdate maybe we can get things moving. Speaking of which I need to clean like a madwoman today. Our apartment isn't filthy, but with 2 young kids it's not exactly guest presentable at all times. This gives me a reason to actually get my ass in I don't have to leave the house and I have 1 child not bothering me for the whole day ( which with him hanging on my back right now, I could use him being entertained by someone other than myself).

       I'm also ready to start getting my butt back in shape. With E i started at 138, with N I started at 148 and I'm currently 153. Depressing. Especially when I'm moving to a state where it's volcano hot in the summer and will be wearing shorts a good portion of the year. No one likes a pair of thunder thighs. Plus I have a damn elliptical machine in my lazy can I be!?!?! So my goal is to get down to where I was when I got pregnant with E. I'm not good at the diet thing so we'll see how this ends up. But maybe doing this blog will give me some sort of accountability.

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