Thursday, June 20, 2013

Target clearance Charlie Banana's!

While I'm clearly excited for this ( as I'm a newbie to the cloth diaper scene), I'm seeing some sad and well.......I'm stepping onto my soapbox for this post.
yep...i'm stepping on

So everytime I've gone to Target Ive seen this lovely display of CB cloth diapers. They looked so pretty. I'd check out the designs, what they included, and even caved and bought a swim diaper! My store had them for full price at 16.79 which isn't too bad considering some online sites charge closer to $20. I allllllllllmost bought one at that price but worked on other parts of my stash first, figuring that would be an extra. But then, it spread like wildfire....Target was clearancing out the CB diapers ( I've heard to bring in new designs..we'll see)!! I figured "Hey! I can get to try one of these at a reduced price and see how I like it".  HOWEVER, go check on ebay. Or even your local craigslist. You'll see a ton of "new in package", "never used", CB diapers being sold as high as 3 times the clearanced cost! Some even humor me a bit by showing the box set and forgetting to take the stupid clearance sticker off * palm to forehead*. Then some will say how the cost at babies r us is $119.00, and how them asking $95 is a great deal ( and then mention how they bought "too many boxes and need to get rid of some"...yes because returning them for what you paid wouldn't be rational). Problem is, the box of 6 is on clearance for less than $44.

Yes, I know people do things like this. I've heard of people going to goodwill and then selling on ebay for a profit. Some people do that as their job! That's great and all but when things relate to children..especially babies...I don't know. I just get sad. I think that some people actually use these diapers, some children maybe can't handle disposables, maybe the CB's give a great fit on a baby and spending $20 a diaper just isn't in the budget. So I can just picture a mama who runs to target in hopes for scoring a super cheap CB diaper, only to see an empty display, to go online and seeing people in her town asking for 3 times what the diaper was going to cost her. What is making me grin a tiny bit though, is that people who are in the CD loop aren't stupid enough to spend that much knowing what people were buying them for. So these people who bought boxes and boxes...are going to keep having those boxes and boxes because unless you put them at the clearanced price...they ain't selling. So if you plan on buying them for profit...well yeah..good luck with that. Maybe let a mama who actually wants to use it on their child's bum be able to get first dibs.

Hoping to score me one of these :)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Coconut lube?!

             Yea yea...I know. Where have I been!? That will be a whole other post, but I just made an awesome discovery yesterday that just NEEDS to be shared. Now i'm a big fan of coconut oil. The uses include a huge list of things from diaper cream, moisturizer, cooking oil, hair mask, hell I've even used it to make a door hinge stop squeaking. While all those are wonderful, last night's use just rocked my socks. Let me tell you about it...

This stuff is AMAZING!

                So after my 2nd child was born, things have been a little more errrrmmmmm, dry down there. Crazy hormone changes can do that to you I guess. But it doesn't exactly help in the intimacy department. We've tried different types of lubes, different brands etc but they all seem to last a short time leading to you having to add more. Some are even irritating and who wants to bump uglies when your vajay is hurting. That's not fun for anyone involved. So I was on a parenting site I often visit and there was a post about coconut oil and what people use it for. Someone said they used it as lube and I'm thinking " who puts cooking oil up there!?!?!". BUT upon more research ( well, more like some simple google searches), I read that you CAN use it as lube! So when we were in a frisky mood and I was needing a little help, I went and grabbed it. Totally worked! It didn't dry up fast, no irritation, exactly what I want from a lube. So if you need a little help in that area, or even want a little extra fun, try it!! If your coconut oil is still in solid form, just rub a little between your fingers and it will melt. No biggie. Oh, and a little goes a long way *wink wink*