Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday nights have new meaning..

       I remembered when I was young, both single and not, and Saturday night was all about getting dressed up and going out partying. It's just after 9pm here and i'm in my pj's. I AM drinking some wine tonight because I convinced the babydaddy to wake up with the baby for his middle of the night bottle. Taking advantage of that. I have times where I do miss those days. Sleeping in....ooooooooooo sleeping in how i've missed that. Even when I just had E, he'd sleep until 830/9am so I'd actually get a full night of sleep. It was pure loveliness. I'm sleep training the shit out of N so he can do that as well. I am NOT a morning person at all. I do miss going out, being carefree...having friends. I'm pretty much dwindled down to a few since i started the baby making at 24. Which now looking back seems so young to me. I'll never regret my children because I love them, but I do regret not enjoying my youth a bit more. So if anyone young is reading this..wear a condom...because you will get pregnant and die. Mean girls anyone?

                                                        That is SO fetch!
       Speaking of condoms, I still haven't called the family planning people. I was supposed to make a 6 week check up appointment so I'm wondering if they'll remember I was supposed to go. Probably not though so I'm not expecting a phone call. But i do need to figure out some sort of birth control option. Other than that, I packed two boxes up of just books. So you know, after we move I can read these books over again for the 3rd or 4th time. It's hard finding the motivation to do it all because you know..I'm lazy most of the time. Ok not lazy, tired. I'm tired most of the time. Partially lazy and mostly tired..there..found a balance. Well my wine is getting warm..time to chug it down and get a refill then head off to slumber land.

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