Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Momma Daily!?!?!

       I should have called this blog "momma will get to this when she has time". It's been quite busy here.We've been packing some stuff up to get a head start. I freaking hate packing and the sound of packing tape is like nails on a chalkboard. Also tons of fun is my keyboard sucks! The spacebar will randomly not work and the letter "A" tends to not well as the number "4". So if you find some words strung together or missing letters, that's why. The screen doesn't even stay open...i have to prop it against 2 pillows to stay open. It's GREAT! G bought a new laptop for himself and i'm stuck with the shit one. I deal though.
                                            this stuff makes my ears bleed

       He got his official acceptance to take the police exam so his flight is all set up. I'm praying he doesn't fuck it all up. This moving thing is just grting on me...grr see there'smymissing "A" oooooo and keyboard mess stays. Trying to get everything together, figuring out when we're going to make the official move. Sometimes I feel super guilty about taking the boys away from family, but i'm hoping soon enough we can take an awesome Disney trip and that should make it better right!?!?

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