Thursday, September 27, 2012

New starts??

       So here I's 7:30am and I just fed my 9 week old. Good thing I waited until after he ate because trying to type this out with one hand would have taken me forever. He's sitting in his bumbo next to me and he's damn lucky he's cute because I've been up since 3:45 dealing with his shenanigans. I'm not entirely sure why I want to write a blog. I guess because we're about to embark on a crazy journey in the next few months and feel I need some way to document it. See, we have our 9 week old, and then there's our 2 year old. You think that alone could be a lot to deal with but no, we've decided to move across the country in just a few short months. Just thinking about it exhausts me...well maybe that's because I have yet to drink my morning pot of coffee.

        A little background: We live in the great ( but extremely expensive) state of New York. Make that the great ( but even more extremely expensive) Long Island. And no i don't live next door to Billy Joel or Lindsay Lohan, although some days I think I could use the booze. My boyfriend and I were both born and raised here but over the course of our lives, it has become much harder to make a living here. (Yes, I said boyfriend. It's quite a long story that maybe one day I'll get into.) The cost of living here has just gotten to be too much to give us or our boys a good life. I have family in Arizona so we'll be staying with them until we get our feet on the ground and then hopefully we can go out on our own. So even though it's across the country we won't be entirely alone. But still...pretty scary and life changing!

                                                          Our Little Family

       So the plans for the day...well number one was accomplished and that was getting the baby to sleep. E, our 2 year old, however ,should be waking up shortly so there goes my chance of sleep. What??? 3:45AM isn't a reasonable time to get up for the day?? LOVE colic! Number two is to go to my family planning appointment to get birth control because i really, i mean REALLY can't go through getting pregnant again. I'm pretty sure if that happens I will find the nearest cliff and jump off it because some days that sounds like a legit plan. I was thinking of the Mirena, although after my ( almost everyday) early morning wake up call I may just tell them to take my whole damn uterus out.

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