Friday, September 28, 2012

Can we do this right today??

       So I went for my no more making babies appointment yesterday, except whoever made it put it as a counseling appointment. With a colic baby and a 2 year who missed his nap, trust me, no one had to convince me to do something. Of course I flipped out because i wasted a good almost 2 hours of my day to not even get the birth control which was the reason to go in the first place. Pissed off is an understatement. I go back this morning and then right after we have N's 2 month visit. No shots for him either so no biggie. Yes, I have my own stance on vaccines and I'll do a post on all the different views I have....that's what makes the world go round.

                                                      Get in my belly ( well... uterus)

     In all happiness, it's Friday. Not that actually matters because I'm a stay at home mom so my days pretty much blend into one another. But tonight is daddy's night for baby duty. Not like I actually sleep the whole night because he stomps like an elephant and turns on the lights which wakes me up, but at least I don't have to physically get up. Better than nothing right? I'm truly shot by Friday though. Last night N decided 2:15 was a good time to eat instead of his usual 4. That made me so happy I stayed up until 10 so I could catch Glee. Man, that Finn just walked into a sticky situation, but i digress.

                                                          THIS is my crack...

       So the plans for the day: Actually get the damn IUD put in. Preferably correctly. Never google things you're going to get done...ever. I'm expecting the worse but 5 years without having to use extra brain cells remembering a pill is just so much easier. Have N's appointment and expect to get lectured on my lovely vaccine choice, which is a choice that I'm allowed to make. But I'm sure it will extend our appointment a good 15 minutes or so. Thirdly, get through the day without E having more than 10 or so tantrums. Terrible Two's is an understatement.

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